February 24 2014, 10pm

I got some new art programs so confessions should be coming up soon! Thanks for bearing with me!

December 31 2013, 10pm

Happy New Year, everyone! uwu

December 24 2013, 5pm

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Thank you for sticking through with this blog! Most blogs that are unactive for a few months just kind of fade into oblivion, but you guys are still sending in confessions and I think that is amazing. Thank you!

I’m still working on fixing my fonts. I’ve been insanely busy taking care of my grandparents and getting ready for the holidays, so please bear with me just a little longer because whats the point of making posts if you can’t see the font

Merry Christmas!

December 6 2013, 1am

Sorry for the lack of posts, my fonts don’t seem to want to work right anymore. As soon as I fix that, I’ll post more. Again, sorry!

November 23 2013, 8pm

hey what program do you use to make confessions and also how many confessions are you working on?

I am currently using Paint, and Open Office Writer to make the text. I currently have 117 confessions I need to make, and post, but I’m still open to confessions. :)